Health Advantages of Egg Diet


Egg as small as it is has been known to be a very good source of protein, minerals and essential vitamins to our bodies. They are recommended to be eaten not more than two in a day as they can cause other problems in our bodies. Eggs are good for our growth and for the formation of cells, teeth and even stronger bones. The following is summary information on health benefits for eating eggs.

Cholesterol – in eggs diet you first need to understand that cholesterol is not necessarily bad as most of the people tend to think. Cholesterol is of two types which are dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol and both are very important. The dietary cholesterol is normally found some foods like meat, poultry, dairy foods, eggs and seafood. For the blood cholesterol it is produced in the liver and it floats around the blood stream. The blood cholesterol is of two types that is High density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein which is considered to be bad as it sticks into the artery walls.

Eggs are delicious and nutritious – eggs are not just fat but also protein and they do contain minerals and essential vitamins. Egg has the following vitamins

A – Its good for growth and skin

D – It strengthens the bones by raising the absorption of calcium

E – Protecting cells from oxidation

B1 – helps in releasing energy properly from carbohydrates

B2 – helps in releasing energy from fat and protein

B6 – promoting the protein metabolism

B12 – it’s an essential vitamin in the formation of blood cells and nerve fibers


Zinc – it’s essential for sexual maturity and good for the stability of enzymes.

Iodine – it’s good in controlling thyroid hormones

Calcium – it’s a very important mineral for the strength of teeth and bones

Iron –it’s very essential in the creation of the red blood cells.

Selenium – works like vitamin E protecting oxidation of cells.

Eggs whites are known to contain the purest form of protein that is mostly found in whole foods and since it is so how it is used by nutritionists as standard compared with proteins form whole foods. The higher the value of protein the better it gets absorbed and this is why most of the body builders makes sure they have included an egg in their diets. Protein is one complex substance and the reason why most of the makers of the body builder’s supplements try to use egg whites in making their protein shakes brands. Each egg is known to contain 6.3 grams of protein.

For more information about eggs you can visit a nutritionist who can guide you on the information you are seeking. To access this information you only need to do an ehic renewal for you to be able to book for an appointment and get the advice that you may need. Make sure you include an egg in your daily diet as it is healthy, delicious and nutritious for the whole family. The good thing about eggs is that they are always available and affordable. To find out more about getting complete nutrients from eggs visit this website:

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