Top Hottest and Not So Hot Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2012


With the cost of gas going through the roof, many people are searching for vehicles that are more fuel efficient. Not only do consumers want to save money at the pumps. They also want to have a spacious and stylish vehicle to accommodate them. There are many different cars out there that are fuel efficient, but the ones list below are the best of the best. You may be shocked by the amazing gas mileage that these vehicles can achieve.

Take a look at the list below and consider whether any of these vehicles will suit your needs. Be sure to practice smart shopping when making such a large purchase.

  1. Nissan Leaf – The Nissan Leaf offers a sleek style and is very affordable. The Leaf is an electric car that costs less than six hundred dollars a year to own and operate. A single charge of just thirty short minutes can allow drivers up to one hundred miles of drive time. One of the things that consumers love about the Nissan Leaf is that it offers an incredibly low operating cost.
  2. Telsa Roadster – The Telsa Roadster is an expensive fuel efficient car, but you will look like a rock star as you cruise down the road. It cost just over five hundred fifty dollars to operate each year. This is one of the most fuel efficient sports cars on the roads today. While it may come with a steep price tag, this is one car that looks exceptionally stylish and can save you money on fuel. For additional information on what is faster a Tesla Roadster or a Bugatti, visit this website:
  3. Chevy Volt – The Chevy Volt is a bit on the expensive side, but it offers fuel efficiency and exceptional power. The Volt can vary in price to operate. It can cost roughly six hundred to sixteen hundred dollars to operate. This model can get the same as ninety three miles per gallon. That is nothing short of impressive. On long trips where the combustion engine is required drivers can expect to get around thirty seven miles per gallon.
  4. Toyota Prius – The Toyota Prius is a compact fuel efficient car that cost less than nine hundred dollars a year to operate. The Prius is by far one of the most affordable fuel efficient cars that are currently on the market. This model offers style, but does not provide a lot of space. This is a great car to make the commute to work in, but not one that you would want to take on a road trip. The Prius has a very popular reputation.
  5. Lexus CT 200h – This model can be purchased for fewer than thirty grand and cost less than one grand a year to operate. It has a sleek style that is easy to love and hard to walk away from. The smooth corners and fast curves of this car will leave you feeling like you are on your first date. There is not another eco- friendly luxury car that looks this good.
  6. Honda Civic Hybrid – The Honda Civic Hybrid is nothing short of spectacular. It offers a sleek body and style and plenty of room to move around in. It cost just over a thousand dollars a year to operate and it has very low maintenance costs. This vehicle also retains a pretty good resell value.
  7. Fiat 500 – The Fiat 500 sounds like a fast spacious piece of machinery. It is not. This model has been popular in Europe and has now made an appearance in the United States. It is by far the most stylish model, but it is definitely one of the most affordable models on the list.

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