The Twenty Most Popular Places To Visit In Thailand


No matter what type of vacation you wish to have you can find it in Thailand. If you enjoy the beach, diving or snorkeling, shopping or just relaxing, all are found within one country. The country presents many opportunities for viewing wildlife, bird watching or rock climbing as well.

  1. Bangkok – It offers a wild nightlife, shopping and business districts.
  2. Phuket Island – A sun worshipers dream
  3. Temple of the Reclining Buddha – The largest and most famous temple in Bangkok.
  4. JJ’s Market – The biggest and oldest market place where you can find anything you want from great street food to really whackie artifacts.
  5. Grand Palace – It is a historical landmark located in Bangkok.
  6. Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens – This attraction is in Pattaya, it has a collection of rare Thai orchids.
  7. Lampang – a seventh century city in the Northern province not to far form Chaing Mai.
  8. Phang Nga – It lies in southern province and boasts beautiful ocean views that you see on post cards.
  9. Kanchanaburi – Ideal tropical climate all year round. Good for a jungle trek, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching and golfing.
  10. Rayong – Located on the gulf of Thailand, it offers warm climates and tropical beaches.
  11. Ayutthaya – It is located on an island in the central plains. This is a place where great adventures happen with the family and you can eat wonderful food.
  12. Mae Hong Son – It is located on the banks of the river Pai in the northern province. Its nickname is City of three mists, because of the mist in wintertime.
  13. Ratchaburi – The Floating Market. They sell fruits, vegetables and trinkets.
  14. Ko Chang – One of the most beautiful islands with waterfalls and beaches located in Trat province near Cambodia.
  15. Similan Islands – Located in the western Andaman Sea, perfect for divers and snorkelers.
  16. Ko Phi Phi – In the Krabi group of islands. A very beautiful place to visit.
  17. Chiang Mai – In Northern Thailand. The name means “New City’ Although it is over 700 years old.
  18. Sukhothai – This city has splendid temples and monuments. It also offers a Historical Park and                 World Heritage Site.
  19. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs – The springs come from deep within the earth, and said to have restorative powers with their over 100 degree water and a slight sulfur smell.
  20. Hin Daeng – Know as one of the best diving spots in the country. It’s underwater landscape boasts great pinnacles and flamboyant coral as well as waters swarming with different fish.

Many of the destinations are easily serviced by many domestic and several international airports. The busiest time in Thailand for tourism is in winter which is the dry season as well. In the low season many bargains can be had if you ask around.

John is an experienced florist and travel writer in Bangkok where he gives advice to visitors to Thailand on the Gogo Florist blog. His hobbies include an extensive Thai orchid collection of over 180 different species of tropical orchids.

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