Writing the Brilliant Essay


You have to identify the essay type you are about to write, if you want to write a brilliant essay. When you discuss the types of essay, usually you deal with the Letters to the Editor, Offering Solutions to Problems, Opinion Essays and for and Against Essay. All types of essay have their own writing technique and style, and also they have one writing scheme and very much general features simultaneously.

You should study the main features of its all types of writing style before starting the essay writing. It is time to start the work, when you have already recognized the kind of essay you will write. You can also take the benefit of following tips so that you can take help to handle it in a successful manner.

Learn the peculiarities of the type of essay and read about the general features of the writing style. Make the plan of essay writing and note it, and follow the scheme when writing your essay. Recognize the linking words, the structure and the style used in this essay writing type.

  • Think of the ideas or concepts to be used in an essay

You do not need to be scared while starting an essay. You should take your time with the concepts and ideas that you wish to add in your essay writing. When you are ready to write your ideas, phrase and word relate to the subject and the topic of the essay.

  • Make your essay plan

Then, it is the time to collect all the concepts and ideas that you can think of. Delete any immaterial ones and make the best to place them in the logical order.

  • Plan the arrangement of your essay

When writing down your ideas and concepts, manage them into different paragraphs. Remember the writing layout such as the introduction, the main body and the conclusion, when you are writing an essay.

a) Keep in mind that an introduction relates to the initial essay paragraph. This part should be a small paragraph in which you should write the points according to the topic of your essay.

b) The main body of your essay should contain more than two paragraphs where you should write each point according to your essay topic.

c) You have to summarize the main idea of the topic and make the normal comments to your writing style in your essay conclusion.

  • Select your writing method

The right choice of the writing method assures your success in the article writing. The writing technique you select will make your essay more appealing to readers. You should consider how you can begin your essay, develop the concepts/ideas and provide the brilliant conclusion. You can use the rhetorical question, direct speech or directly address the reader to start and complete your essay.

  • Make your essay or article attractive and easy to comprehend

Good use of phrases and linking words can make your essay interesting and easy to understand for the reader. It is important to avoid the repetition of similar phrases and words, and search for the synonyms and expressions of synonymous. In addition, you may use the range of verbs, adverbs and adjectives to make the easy easier and interesting to readers.

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