Top Tools for Checking Your Website Authority


Are you curious to know how authoritative your website is? Here are a few of the top tools that can help:

1. Alexa

Alexa toolbar is a free browser add-on that empowers users with information about their websites. It lets them check their site’s ranking on Alexa and view other useful metrics such as page views per month, bounce rate, and more.

It also provides insights into who links back to your website (and from where) and informs users of any changes in rank over time. Overall, the Alexa toolbar gives webmasters an overview of their site’s overall health and performance – which can be helpful when trying to identify areas for improvement.

2. MozCast

Developed by Moz, one of the leading authorities on search engine optimization (SEO), MozCast is a Chrome extension that monitors Google algorithm updates in real-time. By tracking fluctuations in PageRank, among other factors.

This tool helps online businesses stay ahead of fluctuating SERP rankings and ensure their SEO efforts remain effective. In addition to its live tracker, Moz offers several other helpful resources, including blog posts, eBooks/whitepapers, and even paid training courses for business owners looking to further

3. Contconcord Authority Checker

​One of the newer tools on this list, Contconcord, is an online tool for checking sites’ Domain Authority, Page Authority, and other key SEO metrics. This Domain Authority Checker has ranked among the top DA checkers due to its authentic search results.

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