Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Bicycle


If you bought a new car, you would wash it, inspect it, keep the tyres pumped up and check the oil and water on a regular basis. So why don’t you do the same with your new bicycle? Bicycles have a long life, they can offer you great exercise, an opportunity to enjoy outdoor trails and visit scenic areas, but only if you give them the respect and care that they need.

Keep an Eye on the Tyres

You’re not going to drive your car with a flat tyre now are you? But hundreds of people forget to keep an eye on their bicycle tyres. It will be disappointing when you drive to your destination, pull your bike off the carriage to ride the hills to find you have a flat. Keep your tyres pumped up and always carry a puncture kit with you, no kit can mean a long walk back to the car or home should you get a puncture while out riding.

Lubrication is Essential

Lubricating your pedals and chain can reduce the need for maintenance later on, lubricating is an essential part of owning a bicycle and part of the maintenance you need to do on a regular basis. This can reduce rust, especially if you have been riding in the wet and can reduce the risk of parts seizing while you’re out enjoying the fresh air.

Keep Your Bike Clean

When you buy a new car you probably have it washed once a week to keep it looking great, reduce the risk of rust or any other marks on the car. You need to do the same with your bicycle. After each ride, give it a wipe down, keep your bike clean and reduce the need to buy a new one sooner than you need to.


There is nothing stopping you from storing your bicycle outside, but you will need to ride it very often to avoid any permanent damage being caused by the wind, rain and snow. Store your bike indoors wherever possible; you don’t need much room in your garage to keep your bike protected from the elements.

Riding and Inspection

The best way to care for your bike is to ride it on a regular basis as leaving it sitting in the garage for months on end without proper care will cause parts to seize; not a great thing to happen when you see the sun shining and decide to head out for a leisurely ride.

Riding regularly and inspecting your bike after each ride will reduce the risk of something going wrong while you are out on the roads. Just checking the pedals are well lubricated, that the chain is at the right tension and the brakes are working properly can be all you need to do. Remember when you get home from a ride, take the time to inspect your bike, give it a wash and then lubricate any parts you feel need some TLC. If your bike is expensive, getting bicycle insurance should be a top priority as this can save you a fortune if your bicycle is stolen from outside a shop or from your own home. If you’re still in the process of choosing a bicycle, take serious consideration to what you want a bicycle for. If it’s to ride the streets, get exercise or ride to work then a racing style bicycle is probably your best choice. But when you want to ride to work, get some exercise and go for fun days out with the family riding various trails throughout the UK, a mountain bicycle is the most practical choice.

Lucas Conner is an avid bicycle rider who believes in caring for his bicycle as he does for his car to reduce the risk of something going wrong. By offering bicycle insurance UK companies allow Phillip to enjoy his bicycle without needing to worry about if anything were to happen to it.

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