Top Tips For Feeling Good In Your Clothes


Dressing well is about more than just wearing what’s hot, it’s about wearing what makes you feel good. The clothes you wear have a tremendous effect on your self confidence and attitude—we’ve all had those days where we didn’t feel well and just pulled on the first thing we pulled out of the drawer! If you change the way you dress, you can change the way you feel. Below we’ll give you some easy tips on feeling good in your clothes.

Dress for the Occasion

When you’re deciding what to wear, take into consideration where you’re going and what you’re doing. Whether you’re going to a business conference, to the grocery store, or to a black-tie ball, you should tailor your clothes to the occasion.

Business attire can be either traditional or more casual, depending on your workplace. Traditional business dress focuses on tailored looks with firmer fabrics and straight lines; casual dressers can use structured jackets and choose either matching or unmatched pants.

Social events can be anything from a quick lunch to a black-tie event. For less-formal times, denim, khaki and light sweaters are acceptable, as are unmatched suits. Black tie means just that; men should wear tuxedos, silk glove liners and silk shirts, and women should go all-out with cocktail dresses or ball gowns.

Dress for Your Audience and Your Role

To boost your confidence you should dress for the people you associate with. They can be your colleagues, clients, bosses or friends—most of us don’t think of jeans and t-shirts when we think of investment bankers, and we don’t think of delicate clothes when we think of mechanics. When you dress according to your role you’ll feel more confident, and people will have an easier time identifying with you.

Know Your Colors

From the time we’re little, we’re drawn to particular colors and they evoke certain feelings. When colors are used in clothing, they can either make you sparkle, or they can wash you out and make you look dull and drab. It’s important to know what colors look best on you—find out by standing in front of a mirror and taking note of which colors look best next to your face. When you find the colors that work for you and wear them often, you’ll feel better, look better and be more confident.

When you make good clothing choices, you can feel comfortable and confident in any situation. When you know you’re dressed appropriately for the situation and for your style, you feel brighter on the inside as well as the outside.

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